On the rocks.

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My name is Gareth. I'm 22. Welshman, living in England. Just finishing off my postgraduate studies (I study Medieval History of Art) in Kent.

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"Ooh, shock me one good time."

Dis woman.

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What do I respond to that twitter mention. Pressure to impress.

So my old lecturer (who I may have had a big crush on) has been out with my current MA supervisor. I’ve never felt more special.

i’m gay and so can you


commission for hamishmash of his husband and himself!! 

My favourite homosexual couple!

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I like the sound of Megabus GOLD… Is there less peasants?
Dean, less peasants, plush seats, wifi, complimentary refreshments (LOL), tables.
It’s a dream ride you never wanna get off.


I had to draw the look in Janelle’s new emotion picture [x]

My friend is so talented look he draws stuff and it looks good.

Left my railcard at home so had to book coach back to Canterbury as it’s cheaper…although I did go MegabusGOLD so we’re ok.

This year has been shit.

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Played the piano for the first time in like four years..and I’m shockingly bad. Stupid university and my laziness for practicing. :(